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Wind Mitigation Report?

Home Inspector Celebration

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is not very complicated but it is something every home owner should have done. There is a form that the inspector completes that you forward to your home insurance provider that has many different areas that can qualify your home for an annual insurance discount. And guess what, just about every home qualifies in some way shape or form. I have had clients save as much as $500 dollars a year on their home insurance just by getting this inspection done.

So what is it? It is really quite simple. I inspect several different factors about your homes ability to deal with wind/storms/hurricanes etc. The way the roof is attached to the walls, the thickness of the roof sheathing, the way the nails are spaced out that connect the sheathing to the trusses, the type of nails used, garage fasteners, the shape of the roof and more. Each of these areas has guidelines that offer discounts depending on how your home scores in each area.

Your insurance provider adds these savings up and that savings is definitely worth getting. The cost of the inspection is usually paid for two times over in the first year’s savings alone. And say, for example, your savings is $250 dollars a year well you can do the math on that.

If you have not had a Wind Mitigation inspection done on your home contact us today to get one done. It is not a long process, but the savings are long term. Home Inspectors Group, serving Celebration, Windermere, Orlando, Kissimmee and Surrounding Central Florida areas. 689-777-1413


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