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What are all these Settlement Cracks?

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The exterior of a home can have typical issues that come up on a regular basis for inspections. In Florida I would say one of the most common is settlement cracks in stucco.

Most homes in Florida have slab on grade foundations or as I like to call them slab on sand. No matter how well prepared a foundation is here a lot of them are going to have some settling of the home over time. With this settling comes settlement cracks in the stucco. Typically, these are not a structural issue.

Most settlement cracks can be corrected with sealant and paint. Why seal and paint them? Sealing and painting settlement cracks on a home is important because over time moisture can work its way through those cracks and create issues.

This is one of many quick tips on things that come up on a regular basis in a home inspection. Now keep in mind not all cracks on the exterior of a home are just settlement cracks. If the cracks are open gaps with sharp edges spanning a ¼ or more I would call someone in to have it reviewed.

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