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Termite-WDO Inspection

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Florida is what is called a Red State for termites and what that means is they are here and they need to be treated and maintained or they can and will find a way into any home. Whether your home’s exterior is wood, brick, masonry block, stucco or stone you can still get termites and they can cause significant damage.

The best defense against these little buggers is to have the home inspected for evidence of them being there and get treatment. Regular treatment isn’t just something you should consider it’s a must.

WDO which stands for Wood Destroying Organism basically stands for anything that can destroying the wood in your home and that wood can be anywhere from a crawl space to the attic. Remember just because the outside of your house may be masonry block the interior walls are going to be framed out with wood. Termites, Wood boring beetles and Fungi are the biggest causes of WDO in our areas.

If you are buying a home don’t skip the WDO-Termite Inspection. For the small added cost, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the future. By:

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