Stop paying for WDO Inspections!

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If you are using a home inspector that is charging an extra fee for a separate WDO report find a different inspector.

The only loan that requires a separate WDO report is a VA loan.

No one getting a regular loan should be paying and extra $95 to $150 dollars for a separate WDO report. You don't need it.

Any inspector can note wood issues in their main inspection report. They can point out any visible wood issues on the report and suggest they are repaired/reviewed by a licensed WDO/Pest control professional. Without charging an extra fee...

Again, stop paying an unnecessary fee for something that should be pointed out and included in any basic inspection report.

At Home Inspectors Group we don't charge extra for pointing out issues with wood, we don't charge extra for basic pool inspections, we don't charge extra for crawl spaces, and we also do a thermal image scan of the home at no extra charge.

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