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Post Purchase Inspections

Home Inspector Celebration

If you waved the home inspection to win the contract on your purchase you should definitely still get an inspection done. It is better to know what issues your home may or may not having before you get moved in and start running into issues. The biggest issues are potential Safety Hazards like Electrical issues, Mold issues, Unsafe stairwells, Gas leaks, Moisture leaks and Smoke/Fire safety. Skipping a home inspection prior to purchase is already a bad idea, not getting one at all is an even worse idea. For most people, a home is the largest purchase you will ever make in your life. Don't go into this financial commitment without knowing the state of the home you are buying. Don't hesitate to contact us to get your Post Purchase home inspection done. With over 17 years in the industry you will get a thorough evaluation of where the home stands.

At Home Inspectors Group we don't charge extra for pointing out issues with wood, we don't charge extra for basic pool inspections, we don't charge extra for crawl spaces, and we also do a thermal image scan of the home at no extra charge.

Call us today to schedule your home inspection. Home Inspectors Group: Covering the Central Florida Area for 17 years. 689-777-1413


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