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Moisture is a Homes #1 Enemy

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People ask me all the time "What is the worse thing you can find or have found on an inspection?". Outside of the obvious frightening and crazy things that have been found by many inspectors over the years the biggest enemy of any home is moisture.

Moisture, especially in Florida where I operate my business, is by far the single most damaging factor for a home. Roof leaks, plumbing leaks, window leaks, leaking appliances and any other leak you can think of are what typically cause the most damage to a home. Don't panic though, if you believe you have a moisture issue I am a firm believer that just about anything in a home can be repaired if done correctly.

Here are some common ways moisture sneaks into homes and causes damage:

  1. Roof leaks - A leaky roof can cause considerable damage to a home and needs to be repaired. Damaged to sheathing, trusses, insulation, interior ceilings and floors can all be cause by a simple roof leak. Have your roofing reviewed every few years to make sure there are no existing leaks.

  2. Window leaks - Bad seals, caulking, cracks in glass can all cause a window to become a moisture intrusion area for a home. Make sure windows are well seals to keep this from becoming an issue.

  3. Vegetation - Trees, bushes, plants all hold incredible amounts of moisture and if the are in contact with your home they are transferring that moisture. Keep all vegetation trimmed back from your home structure.

  4. Plumbing leaks - Under sinks, in walls, supply lines and waste drains all have to potential to be a moisture issue if not properly maintained and reviewed from time to time. If you suspect there is a plumbing leak don't wait, get a professional out for repairs sooner than later.

  5. Appliances - Dishwashers, HVAC systems, washing machines and any other appliance dealing with water could be a potential moisture issue for a home. Review these items from time to time for evidence of moisture leaks around them and if you suspect there is have them serviced and reviewed.

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