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Home Items Worth Updating

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Homes need regular maintenance to keep them in top shape and operating at their best. Just like a car needs an oil change and tune ups to stay running well there are items in a home that are going to need this same attention. Here is a list of some of the things that will need regular tuning up in and on your home.

HVAC – This stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. In Florida we all know how important it is for this to be operating at its best. HVAC systems need regular maintenance. This includes changing the filter every 30 to 60 days and having a HVAC professional come out annually to review how the system is operating. This will extend the life of the system and keep energy costs lower.

Roofing – Roofing seems like something you really don’t have to pay attention to on a home, but you really should. Having a regular check-up of your roof isn’t just smart it can save you a lot of money by catching a small issue that can turn into a big issue over time. Have a licensed roofer give your roofing a review annually to check for wear, damage or leaks. With the heavy heat and wind weather we have in Florida roofs need to be maintained.

Home’s Exterior – The exterior of the home is something you can review yourself. Once a year make a visual inspection of the outside or your home. Walk around and review the siding, trim, soffits and eaves. Look at the gutters and porches, check window seals/screens for any damage. Siding like stucco or wood can wear/decay/crack or need repairs over time. Spotting these before they are an issue can save you money. This also applies to trim, soffits, eaves, windows and porches.

All items in your home should get attention from time to time to make sure they are operating at their best. Older HVAC, Water heaters and appliances are not going to be as energy efficient as the newest models. If these items in your home are older don’t wait until they break to replace them. The energy cost savings alone is worth the update not to mention the down time an unexpected break down of any system can cost you.

Remember a home is a work in process that can’t be ignored. Keeping your home in top shape will save you money and headaches down the road.

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