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HVAC Systems

One of the key systems of the home is the HVAC System. HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Here is a list of the most commonly found defects in a HVAC system that need repairs/replacement. Keeping up on these will keep your home’s value and lifespan at its highest.

Age - HVAC systems in Florida work very hard. There is nothing more to it than that. When a HVAC professional tells you a HVAC system has an expected life span of 10 - 15 years they mean it. So if you are selling, maintaining or buying a home that has an old HVAC system I suggest updating it before it fails.

Size - Never assume that the HVAC system on a home was properly sized when the house was built or when it was last upgraded. An HVAC system can only cover so much square footage based on the size of the unit and an undersized unit will never get your home to the temperature you want and it will shorten it's lifespan because it will be constantly working overtime. Here is a link that can give you an idea of how big your HVAC system should be for your home based on square footage.

Other things to keep in mind for Florida with you HVAC is that the outside unit is properly bolted down with hurricane straps, the duct work in the attic is insulated and change your filter once a month. HVAC is very important part of any home's overall functionality. Keeping it in good order will help your home maintain its value and lifespan. Home Inspectors Group 689-777-1413


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