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Did Your Inspector Use a Thermal Camera? They should...

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This is a Thermal image I took at a recent inspection. Beautiful home, very well maintained and for the most part was in great condition. But the thermal image you see above uncovered a little more. Most of the insulation in the attic wall had slid down (very common) and was no longer insulating the space between the attic and the home. Unnoticed this type of issue results in energy loss for the home owner and even potential moisture problems from condensation. If the inspector you hire isn’t using the latest technology to inspect your property it may be time to switch to one that does. Sometimes there can be big difference between what we see and what is actually there.

Thermal imaging can uncover more than just missing insulation. Water leaks, electrical issues and more are things your inspector can not see with the naked eye. This technology helps tremendously.

In this photo you can see where the thermal camera has found a water leaking in the plumbing behind the wall. Once again not something that would be picked up by the naked eye, but it is quickly picked up with a thermal camera.

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