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Attic Insulation Issues

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· One of the most common insulation issues found it homes, usually older homes is that it has become compressed and is no longer providing a good "R" value.

· On older homes it is important to make sure that potentially dangerous types of insulation are no longer being used such as asbestos.


· Moisture issues in sheathing are a common problem we find from roof leaks around chimneys, skylights and solar panels.

· Improper electrical junction boxes are very common in the attic area and need to be corrected.

· Structural issues are less common but are definitely something to look for and correct. If the underlying structure of the attic is compromised it can be a big problem.

· Evidence of critters like squirrel or other rodents that have found their way in through soffit or roof penetrations. This needs to be corrected because they can cause damage and health issues with the droppings they leave behind.

This series has just touched on some of the common issues found in a home. It is important to keep all of these types of potential issues repaired and up to date. Regular maintenance and repairs will keep your home trouble free and better for resale down the road.

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